Product List  
Bread from Blakes

Bread, white, granary, wholemeal, rolls, plain scones, sultana scones, traditional pasties, cheese & onion pasties, sausage rolls, selection of cakes and buns.
Bacon from The Cornish Farmhouse Bacon Company
Smoked/unsmoked bacon and streaky bacon, gammon joints and steaks, pork sausages, pork & apple sausages, Chinese spare ribs, pork chops and
diced pork
Fresh and Free Range Eggs
Milk, Cream and Cheese

Clotted Cream in 1/4lb tubs (larger tubs available to order), milk (skimmed, semi-skimmed, full-fat). Local cheese, Butter and Clover.

Cold Meat

Cooked ham, chicken, turkey, smoked salmon, pork pies, quiches, paté smoked mackerel, gala pie slices, etc


Coke, diet coke, Rio, Tango, ginger beer, fanta, spring water and lemonade, squash (orange, blackcurrant and apple, summer fruits, lemon barley) and fruit juices (orange, apple, cranberry).


Incredible selection of products e.g. jumbo oats, muesli, dried fruit, nuts, herbs and spices (available in 25g sachets or larger) and lots more



Pets Corner

Dog and cat food, treats and toys, hide bones, tripe sticks, cat litter, Bonios and Go Cat.

Guinea pig and rabbit food, hay and bedding, wild bird seed and peanuts, cat litter.


Newspapers, magazines and comics.

If Smiths sell it - we can get it for you.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Red, white and rosé wine, Stella Artois, Guinness,
Boddingtons and Cider



Dry Cleaning

Leaves the shop on Monday, returns the following Monday


Pharmaceutical Items

Analgesics, children’s pain
relief, cough medicine, throat and cough lozenges, cold and flu remedies, antacids,
plasters, antiseptic cream, Dettol, Savlon, etc.


Huge selection of cards for all occasions, gift bags and wrapping paper with gift tags, stationery including toys, pens, envelopes, writing pads, glue,
sellotape, rulers, calculators, etc