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The Parish Newsletter aims to keep Parish residents informed about things going on in the Parish.

To keep your Newsletter alive and relevant it is crucial that we get a wide involvement from clubs and people locally. Please tell us what's been going on, and provide us with any information that you consider would be of value to the wider community.

It is easiest for us if you e-mail your contributions (thus reducing our typing work) - although we are, of course, always happy to take your articles in the other more traditional ways.

The Parish News is distributed with the St Dominick Diary by the Friends of St Dominick Church


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April 2013 (112) One more thing, there could be an election. All those wishing to stand again, plus any of you who think they could do a better job, or are interested, have to return a nomination form. Look for the notices around the village soon. If there are more people than places you will have to vote!

March 2013 (111) Councillor Spiers has at last managed to get the legal papers signed with regard to the Church corner widening. As this work is supposed to be completed by the end of March time is tight, but that can?t be helped. The men were surprised that the contractor?s intention was to park in the field and dig down over the bank, instead of parking in the road and digging it out. The women didn?t really care.

February 2013 (110) Sport continues to be an important part of school life. Swimming lessons for the whole school are now taking place. Netball and Football after school clubs continue and the 3rd of the Primary Schools Cross Country races takes place at Cotehele on the 18th January. Look out for photos in the Cornish Times!


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