Classes for Adults and Juniors


Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit, Floral Arrangements

Cookery, Handicrafts, Art and  Photography





DOORS OPEN 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm



At 4.30

followed by Raffle


Available throughout the afternoon




FLOWERS and POT PLANTS                 - Mr.  G.Bennett, Pensilva

FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS                   - Miss R.Burch, Calstock

VEGETABLES AND FRUIT                    - Mr. G.Bennett, Pensilva

COOKERY                                                       - Mrs. J.Delbridge, Tideford

HANDICRAFTS                                     - Mrs. A.Crozier, Bere Alston

ART                                                                - Mrs. S.Hills, Saltash

PHOTOGRAPHY                                              - Mr.  R.Tuck, Pillaton

Admission £1.00  Children Free




The entry form should be completed and either:


                                Put in the box provided in the Post Office or forwarded to:

                                Jo Totterdell, Stone Cross, St Dominic, not later  than Thursday,

                           6th September, 2012

                NO LATE ENTRIES , PLEASE     


Entries are limited to TWO PER PERSON per Class in all Sections.         There are NO ENTRY FEES, but prize money, of 30p, 20p and 10p,  will be given in  the Junior Classes ONLY.


3              PHOTOGRAPHY and ART  ENTRIES should EITHER  be  taken to the Hall            for staging  between  6.00 and 7.00 pm. on Friday evening,  7th September, OR               taken     to Jo Totterdell, Stone Cross, St Dominic,  with entry forms by Thursday,                 6th  September.  NAME and CLASS (and AGE for Juniors)  should be placed on          the back of  EACH  entry.


Juniors must state their age (on day of  Show) on the Entry Form.


All exhibits to be staged between 8.30 am and 10.00am on the morning of the Show, unless already staged (Art and Photography) the previous evening.


All exhibitors to leave  while judging is in progress.


The Cups and Trophies will be presented at 4.30pm. In the event of a tie the “most points” cup will be awarded to the person who has the most first prizes.


Exhibits must be removed by the owners or  their representatives between 4.30pm and 5.00pm.


The judges’ decision will be final.


In respect of Sections 1, 2 & 4 , exhibitors should name the varieties if possible.


The Committee do not hold themselves responsible for any loss or damage to

                exhibits, but all possible care will be taken.







SECTION 1                                                            CUT FLOWERS


Class          1_ Any 5 stems of sweet peas

                   2_ A single chrysanthemum bloom

                   3_ Collection of 3 spray chrysanthemums

                   4_ A single dahlia bloom

                   5_ A single gladioli bloom

                   6_ A single rose in a vase

                   7_ Three stems of any other flower

                   8_ 3 species of shrub, 1 spray of each

                   9_ GARDEN NEWS TOP VASE

                             Sponsored by Thompson and Morgan

For a mixed vase of flowers containing a total of between five and ten stems, taken from a minimum of TWO different kinds of plants. Please note that it is for different KINDS of flowers; two varieties of the same flower are NOT two kinds.


See full Competition Rules on page  9

SECTION 2                                                                    POT PLANTS


Class          10_ Any Begonia

                   11_ Any geranium

                   12 _ Any orchid

                   13_ Any other flowering plant

                   14_ Any foliage plant, including cacti/succulents


SECTION 3                                             FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS


Please note that for this section, except where stated, arrangements must not exceed 18” overall and no artificial plant material may be used.


Class          15_ An arrangement in an unusual container

                   16_ A table arrangement incorporating a candle

                   17_ A buttonhole for a lady or gentleman

                   18_ An arrangement in a teapot

                   19_ An arrangement incorporating hedgerow material

                   20_ An arrangement in a basket





SECTION 4                                            VEGETABLES AND FRUIT


Class 21   _ Best marrow (not more than 18” long)

            22   _ 3 potatoes

            23   _ 6 shallots

            24   _ 3 onions (grown from seed)

            25   _ 3 onions (grown from sets)

            26   _ 3 carrots

            27   _ 3 beetroot

            28   _ 6 runner beans

            29   _ 3 tomatoes (standard size)

            30   _ 5 tomatoes (cherry type)

            31   _ 2 leeks

            32   _ 6 fronds of parsley (unbunched in water)

            33   _ A bunch of mixed herbs

            34a  _ Any other fruit or vegetable

            34b  _Any other exotic fruit or vegetable

            35   _ A plate of 3 cooking apples

            36   – A plate of 3 dessert apples

            37   _ A collection of home grown fruit on a plate

            38_  Single collection of vegetables—

                        3 distinct types one of each


Class 39           Garden News Top Tray, sponsored by

Thompson and Morgan


For a  collection of three types of vegetables to be chosen from the following fifteen (The number of each type of vegetable is shown in brackets)

                                      Carrots (3)                Cauliflowers (2)

                              Onions (3)                      Parsnips (3)

               Peas (6 pods)              Runner Beans (6 pods)

                              Potatoes (3)                 Tomatoes (6)

                                      French beans (6)       Sweetcorn (2)

                                      Peppers (3)               Cucumber (2)

                                     Red beet (3)               Courgettes (3)

Aubergines (2)

For full competition rules see Page 10





SECTION 5                                                                                       COOKERY


Please put cookery on a doily, not a plate

Class 40_ 5 sausage rolls

          41_ Pizza - own choice base

          42_ Cornish Pasty

          43_ 3 pieces of tray bake (sweet)

          44a_ Loaf of bread (hand made)

             b_ Loaf of bread (breadmaker)

          45_ Fruit cake

          46_ 3 decorated cup cakes

          47_ Round of shortbread

          48_ Chocolate Victoria Sandwich

          49_ 3 gingerbread people

          50_ A jar of jelly

          51_ A jar of lemon curd

          52_ A jar of jam

          53_ A jar of chutney

             54_ Any other preserve

             55_ 6 hen’s eggs


SECTION 6                                                                              HANDICRAFT



Class  56_ Any knitted Article

           57_ Any article in cross stitch

           58_ A cushion cover—any medium

           59_ Any article in embroidery

           60_ Woodcraft—any woodwork or turning

           61_ Any other craft










Class 73_ “An entry from my garden”

                        (Flower, fruit or vegetable grown by  Junior)


SECTION 2               POT PLANTS

Class 74_ Any pot plant, including cacti/succulent



Class 75_A collection of flowers in a jam jar, aged 7 and under

             76_ A collection of flowers in a jam jar, aged 8-16

             77_ A garden on a plate, aged 7 and under

             78_ A garden on a plate, aged 8-16

             79_ An arrangement in a vegetable

             80_ An arrangement  in an  item of footwear


SECTION 5                         COOKERY

Class  81_ 3 jam tarts

              82_ 3 iced fairy cakes

              83_ 3 biscuits—any variety

              84_ 6 home made sweets, one variety

              85_ 3 plain scones

If sufficient entries class  may be split into age groups—     at judge’s discretion 



SECTION 6               HANDICRAFT                               

Class 86_ A handmade item aged 7 and under

             87_ A handmade item aged 8-16

             88_ An animal made from vegetables, aged 7 and under

             89_ An animal made from vegetables, aged 8-16

             90_ An article made from Junk aged 7 and under*

             91_ An article made from Junk aged 8-16*

             92_ An edible necklace, aged 7 and under

             93_ An edible necklace, aged 8-16

                               *maximum size allowed 30cm x 20cms




SECTON 7                                                               ART

To be no larger than A3, including mount if used. Please EITHER bring entries to the Hall for hanging between 6.00 and 7.00pm on Friday evening, OR take them to Jo Totterdell, Stone Cross, with entry form by Thursday 6th September.


Class  94_ An original painting, aged 7 and under

                95_ An original painting, aged 8-16

                96_ A drawing in ANY medium except paint, aged 7 and under

                97_ A drawing in ANY medium except paint aged 8-16

                98_ A collage, aged 7 and under

                99_ A collage, aged 8-16

                100_ A design  for a mouse mat


SECTION 7                                                         HANDWRITING AND DESIGN


Class   101__      Computer generated Greetings Card (front only)

                102__    One verse of a favourite Nursery Rhyme aged 7 and under

                103__    One verse of a favourite poem aged 8-16


SECTION 8                                                         PHOTOGRAPHY (inc, DIGITAL)


Please write NAME/AGE/CLASS on back of each photograph and        EITHER bring entries to the Hall for mounting between 6.00 and 7.00pm  on Friday evening, OR take them to Jo Totterdell, Stone Cross, with entry form by Thursday 6th September. Please note: Photographs must be taken BY the child named on the entry form.


Class      104_ A colour print—”Animals or Pets”

                105_ A colour print__ “My Holiday” or “My Family”

                106_ A colour print__ “Own Choice”

                107_A print taken on a mobile phone



Handwriting—Teacher’s Choice

Painting       — Teacher’s Choice


PLAYGROUP ENTRY -Leader’s Choice




SECTION 7                                 ART and COMPOSITION


All entries must be originals and not copies. On entry form please state size, and bring entries EITHER to the Hall between 6.00 and 7.00 pm on Friday evening 10th September, or to Stone Cross, with entry form by Thursday 6th September. NAME and CLASS to be placed on the back of each entry. Please enter approximate size on entry form.


Class   62_ A black and white drawing

                63_ A painting in oils/acrilycs

                64_ A painting in watercolours

                65– A picture in any other medium

                66_ A miniature, max size 2.5 x 3.5insexcluding frame

                67_ Own composition poem, maximum 20 lines

                                (to be judged on content only)




Please place NAME/CLASS on the back of each photograph. (No frames please, max.size A4) Please take photographs EITHER to the Hall for mounting between 6 and 7.00 pm on Friday evening 9th     September, OR to Stone Cross with   entry form by Thursday 8th September.


Class    68_.A colour print _ “Landscape or Seascape”

            69_ A colour print _ “Cornwall’s people or places”

            70_ A colour print _ “Natural World”

            71_ A colour print _ “Own Choice”

            72 _A print taken on a mobile phone







            Chairman                                 Diana Irons Tel 01822 832192

            Vice Chairman                        Julie Wenmoth  Tel 350624

            Secretary                                 Lorna Potter, Beechcroft  Tel 350776

            Assistant Secretary     Jo Totterdell, Stone Cross





SECTION1                                                           CUT FLOWERS




The Garden News Top Vase is for a vase of mixed flowering stems containing a total of between 5 and 10 stems, taken from a minimum of two different kinds of plants.  Please note that it is two different KINDS of plants, two varieties from the same plant are NOT two kinds.


The display will be judged out of a total of 35 points, split into: 25 points for the colour, form, condition, quality and freshness of the flowers on display, and 10 marks for the overall presentation and   effect of the flowers in the vase. The vase will be viewed from all  directions.  Judging of the blooms should be to the normal Royal Horticultural Society rules.


Plants used in the display must be showing flowers only; no seed heads nor berries are allowed. No accessories whatsoever such as bows and additional foliage will be allowed. Packing material —

 including Oasis—to keep the stems in place is allowed.


The vase can be any shape and size and made from any material, but must be in proportion to the display. No marks are awarded for the vase itself. A vase, by definition, is any vessel that can be used to hold cut flowers, and which is taller than it is wide at its widest point.


The Garden News Top Vase class is open to anyone to enter and is not intended purely for growers who regularly display in single     species classes at shows.








Each type of vegetable will be judged out of a total of 20 points, split into 3 sections: 7 for size, shape and colour; 7 for condition; 6 for uniformity. The overall mark will therefore be out of a total of 60.


All vegetables are to be displayed for effect. The vegetables must be displayed within an area of 45 cm x 60 cm (18” x 24”) without bending any part of them. No part of any exhibit may exceed the size of the tray. A tray or board 45 cm x 60 cm (18” x 24”) may be used, or the area may be marked on the  staging. Where the tray has a lip or edge, it is the   internal measurements that must not exceed 45 cm x 60 cm (18” x 24”).


A black cloth is permitted, and the base may be painted. Parsley is allowed for garnishing, but no other foliage or accessories, such as plate, sand, rings, etc, will be allowed. The tray, board or staging must not be cut or mutilated in any way (such as  cutting holes for onions to stand in). Onion tops may be tied or whipped using raffia or string.


Carrots and parsnips must have foliage trimmed back to 7.5 cm (3”); peas and beans must be            displayed with some stalk attached; tomatoes must be displayed with calyces (the green flower bud case).







The Committee would like to thank you all for taking part in the Annual Autumn show this year.

This show was started  over sixty years ago by the Women’s Institute and remains a popular event in the village. It is not primarily profit making. Any money raised is used for the following year’s show, but if money does start to accumulate donations are made to local organisations. Last year donations of  £50.00 were made to the Festivities Committee  and StDominic Under Fives.

If anyone has any ideas for classes in the future please tell the Committee, or ring them with any queries.









Kind sponsors of seed vouchers to the value of £90


FLOWER SHOW TROPHY                         For  most points in show

“WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT IT” CUP                            For runner-up, Most Points in Show

AXTELL CUP                                                                     For Best Exhibit in Show


    (Given by the late Alderman                                      Best Exhibit in Cut Flowers

       Fred Rogers, OBE, JP)

FRANCIS AND ETHEL STEER MEMORIAL             Most Points in Cut Flowers

BRADBURY MEMORIAL                                                               Best Exhibit in Pot Plants

POAD TROPHY                                                                  Best Adult Floral Arrangement

TRESILLIAN ROSE BOWL                                             Best use of Colour in Adult Floral


ST DOMINIC WI                                                                                For Most Points,

         PERPETUAL TROPHY                                                                      Floral Arrangements

POTTER CUP                                                                      Most Points in Vegetable Section

ANDERSON TROPHY                                                       Best Exhibit in Class 37 (Fruit)

ANNUAL CHALLENGE TROPHY                 Best  Vegetable Entry

ANNUAL SHIELD                                                                              Class 38, donated by Diana Irons

ST DOMINIC WI  TROPHY                                           Most Points in  Cookery Section                    

FLOWER SHOW TROPHY                                              Best Exhibit in Adult Handicrafts

ST DOMINIC WI                                                                                Most  Points in Adult Handicrafts

                                         PERPETUAL TROPHY                                                                     Section

KEN HODGE CUP                                                                              Best Exhibit in Adult Art  Section

THORINGTON CUP                                                          Best Exhibit in Adult Photography

GLESYN CUP                                                                      Awarded  for Best Exhibit in


                                                                                                                                given by Mr. D. Silverstone




BROWNLOW TROPHY                                    Most points in Junior Section

WANLESS CUP                                                   Best Entry in Any Junior Class


                MEMORIAL CUP                                               Best Exhibit in Junior Cookery

REEP TROPHY                                                   Best Exhibit in Junior Handicrafts

KINGDON CUP                                                   Best Exhibit in Junior Art

FERGUSON CUP                                                                Best Exhibit in Junior Handwriting

VIOLET BATTEN MEMORIAL CUP            Best in Junior Floral  Arrangement

ANNUAL TROPHY                                                            Best Exhibit in Junior Photography

                                                                                                (aged 10 and under, given by

                                                                                                                                                Mr B Morrish)


        MEMORIAL CUP                                 Best Exhibit in Junior Photography

                                                                                                                ( aged 11 and over)